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“Were it not for the faithfulness and perseverance of Bryan Schrank, I would not be involved in the battle to establish justice for the pre-born. I was both blessed and encouraged when Bryan shared his plans with me to go into full time ministry on behalf of the pre-born. I give my wholehearted endorsement to this ministry and would encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to make their most generous contribution to Bryans efforts! Your investment will be a Kingdom investment that will undoubtedly save the lives of many innocent children.” Derin Stidd Pastor- Harmony Baptist Church President- Abolish Abortion Indiana

“Faithfulness is rare in ministers today. Faithfulness to Christ and to the proclamation of His Word has all too often been abandoned by ministers in exchange for being liked by men. Bryan Schrank is one of those rare ministers in our day who possesses true faithfulness to Christ. He understands a minister’s love and fealty must be to Christ first – only then can he truly love men and properly proclaim to them the truth of God’s Word. Bryan understands that ministers ‘represent God to man – and man to God.’ If we only want to represent God to man, it can lead to harshness. If we only want to represent man to God, it can lead to compromise. He possesses the balance. Bryan Schrank’s love for the Lord and for neighbor is refreshing. It is an honor to know and have worked with this brother.” –Pastor Matt Trewhella- Mercy Seat Christian Church, Director Missionaries to the Preborn

“Bryan has repeatedly shown his love for God and his fellow man in action and in word. His regard for the Scriptures is held in the highest esteem and those that know him have witnessed his loyalty to the Word as he shares it with everyone he comes in contact with. He has set an example as a Godly man and one who stays in reverence to his duty to the Lord.  I have witnessed his selflessness many times as he cares for those around him, whether it be his immediate family or a complete stranger.  A character trait that comes to my mind as I think of him is that he is admirable in adversity and dependent of the power of Christ in his life.  For this I feel he is capable of any task and not only will do things well but will do so with a servant’s heart.” –Amy Schlichter -Director, Hoosiers for Life

Letter of Recommendation for Bryan Schrank

The Scriptures admonish, “And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you” (1 Thessalonians 5:12a). One of the great joys of serving as the national director of Operation Save America is to come across quality young men who desire to love, serve, and obey God. Young men who love their wives and our faithful dads. Young men who are submitted to their local church and serve their brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been my privilege to get to know and labor in the Lord’s vineyard with one of those special brothers, Bryan Schrank.

Recently, Bryan approached me about going full time in Christian abolition ministry. His heart is broken over the plight of his preborn neighbor and he desires to be used by God to help end the suffering and injustice committed against Christ’s little image bearers. We prayed and he went before the leadership of his church and submitted this calling to them. They were in full agreement with this noble ambition and gave Bryan their blessing and support. This is a huge step of faith for the entire Schrank family and its one that I personally support. As God’s Kingdom people, we should always seek the Lord for good Kingdom investments that bear good fruit. I’ve tasted and seen the fruit that comes from this man’s life and it is good. This letter is sent to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Bryan, his family, and the work of the Lord through his life. He needs prayer and either a one-time gift or better yet, faithful monthly support. At your earliest convenience, please contact this dear brother to let him know that you are standing with him as he gives his life in service to our Lord. Thanks and may the Lord richly bless you. IN KING JESUS’ SERVICE, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas National Director, Operation Save America