Divine Appointments at Abortion Mill

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My 14 year old daughter and I spent about 3.5 hours ministering at a local abortion mill in Indianapolis. This abortion mill was not killing on this day, rather, it was open for “consultations.” In Indiana, women have to have one initial “consultation” appointment and wait 18 hours until they can kill their child. So, all the women who entered on this day, left with their child still alive.

DIVINE APPOINTMENT #1: A 19 year old girl, came to the abortion mill with the intention of having an abortion. She was impregnated by a man, who was seemingly abusive and she didn’t want a child with him. Also, her mother was having severe medical issues and is near death, and she didn’t want to bring a child into her “hectic” world. I understood she was in a difficult position, no doubt. But her “story” didn’t deter me from telling her the truth. This is how our conversation went:

“I was able to speak with her for about 10 minutes and share the gospel and read to her the booklet “The Tiny Hands that Hold my Heart”. She’s 7 weeks pregnant and I had a large sign with a seven week baby on it, and I showed it to her and she said “oh wow” she had no idea her baby was that developed.
We prayed and I called her back to the Father, as she’s been living the prodigal life. She started crying as I shared the gospel with her. Conviction was clearly evident.”

My daughter and I were able to take her into the Crisis Pregnancy Center that is close to this abortion mill. This young lady, never came back to the abortion clinic that day to have her consultation appointment! The workers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center, couldn’t give us any specific info, but said that “God was working on her heart.”

DIVINE APPOINTMENT #2: My daughter and I were able to stop a young couple entering the abortion mill for their first consultation appointment. They drove all the way from Bloomington, Indiana which would have been about an 80 minute drive. The woman said it was cheaper getting an abortion at this place vs. Planned Parenthood in Bloomington. So they were definitely abortion minded. We were able to stop the young couple, engage them in conversation and heard their story. Mother (S) is about 6 weeks pregnant and she has Hepatis C. She’s been approved to take the meds, but she’s afraid the meds will affect her pregnancy.

I was able to share the gospel with her, and told her that God had a plan for her and that baby. She’s a professed Christian, who has been seemingly living in rebellion against God. She had tears in her eyes. Her boyfriend, who is not a Christian, listened to what I had to say. I got her phone number and have been texting her this past week. As of right now, she is trying to work something out with her doctor and is seemingly keeping the child!

DIVINE APPOINTMENT #3: My daughter and I were holding a sign at the abortion mill. A man walked by and began to ask us what we were doing and he looked at our sign. We told him it was an abortion clinic, then I began to ask him about his life and if he’s “born-again”. This led to him telling me the following information.

“He’s 50 years old, and has congestive heart failure. This is due to His alcohol addiction.
His heart is working at 13% he just got out of the hospital. He’s admitted his bondage is alcohol and it’s killing him. Literally.I preached the gospel to him and gave him a gospel tract. He admitted this was a divine appointment. He started to leave and right before he left, I told him he needed to pour out the alcohol he had with him. After pleading with him to “stop returning to his vomit” and to “not harden his heart like Pharaoh” he was torn. But he eventually obeyed the Holy Spirit’s conviction and poured it out on his own! I embraced him, believing that God would set him free in Christ and we exchanged phone numbers!”

I’ve been texting back and forth with this man the past week, even called him on the phone a few times to pray with him. He attended a local church this past Sunday, and realizes his need to get connected to the body of Christ! He had a few sips of alcohol this past week, but didn’t drink much, because he said he was so convicted when he did so! Keep this man in your prayers!

This is a photo of the man pouring out his 80 proof vodka in front of me!

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