Indiana SideWalk Rescuers

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One of the missions of Rescue the Preborn is to coordinate outreach events and teams of Christians that will minister together at abortion clinics at the seven Indiana abortion clinics. To raise up “SideWalk Rescuers” around the State of Indiana who will faithfully be a “voice for the voiceless.”

If you are interested in becoming an Indiana Sidewalk Rescuer with Rescue the Preborn please submit your contact information here.

Requirements for becoming an Indiana Sidewalk Rescuer:

1. Be a born-again Christian who faithfully attends a local orthodox church.

2. Agree to the Mission/Vision of Rescue the Preborn and the Statement of Faith.

3. Be willing to commit to ministering at local Indiana abortion clinics at least once per month.

4. Be willing to read Rusty Thomas Field Manual for Abortion Ministry

5. To sign a statement of non-violence.