Sermons on Abortion

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Babies Are Murdered Here Documentary– Babies Are Murdered Here, is the new controversial pro-life documentary that examines the truth about abortion and the single biggest failure of the pro-life movement, not calling abortion what it really is…Murder.

Abortion Revelation: Rusty Thomas, head of Operation Save America delivers this talk to members of Apologia Church on how he got into abortion ministry.

Interposition and Lesser Magistrates: Pastor Matt Trewhella– How do we end abortion now from a state level? How do we manage to overturn Roe VS Wade without the Supreme Court? Matt Trewhella gives us the break down on how the Supreme Court can be overturned from a state level all with the help of Lesser Magistrates.

The Local Church and Abortion Ministry: Pastor Jon Speed. Jon was featured in the film Babies Are Murdered Here and has been instrumental in many Christians entering into ministry at abortion clinics nationwide. Jon spoke on the importance of the local church and our interactions with it while ministering in the area of abortion.

The Paradigm Shift to End Abortion – Rusty Thomas from Operation Save America: Rusty Thomas describes The Paradigm shift that needs to take place to end abortion immediately.

Exposing and Ending Abortion: Pastor Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church . This sermon was preached in at a conference in Australia by Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church/Radio/TV. In this message, Jeff explains the history of his own involvement in ministry to abortion-mills. This is ministry that has led to over 60-babies being saved from death and to the Gospel being preached thousands of times.

The Auschwitz Within: Pastor Eric Ludy One of the most dangerous places on planet earth today is inside a mother’s womb. The place that all natural reason would suggest is the safest place of all has become a modern-day Auschwitz. In America, one in four babies doesn’t make it out of Mommy alive. And yet, rather than fighting to see this horrific trend change, the Church has all but gone silent on the issue. Oh, we may speak out at the ballot box, but we’ve been socially hogtied and gagged from doing anything beyond that. This provocative message isn’t a call to mere political action and picket lines— it’s first and foremost a call to get down on our knees and pick up our spiritual sword for these vulnerable ones. This message was accompanied by a powerful video trailer produced by The Life Project.

God’s word on Abortion