47th year anniversary of ROE v. WADE Ruling

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Today is the 47th year anniversary of ROE v. WADE ruling. The Supreme Court, back in 1973, was made up of 9 males, 7 of whom were appointed by a Republican President. They ruled in favor of a woman’s right to murder her child in her womb, by a 7-2 margin. Since that wicked ruling, over 60 million image-bearers of God have been destroyed in our nation! 

-That’s an average of 3,672 babies killed EVERYDAY for the past 17,155 days since the ROE ruling.
-Just under 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. 
-The entire population of the midwestern states is 65 million. 

What can Christians do to battle against this holocaust?

Step 1. Recognize: Recognize the evil that is in our land. Yes, I know it’s a HIDDEN HOLOCAUST. We are not HEARING the screams of these babies as they are being taken to the slaughter. We are not SEEING human ash clouds in cities, and SMELLING the burning bodies of the preborn like the German people did during the Jewish holocaust. THE ACT OF ABORTION is not something that we see with our eyes. But it’s happening, ALL around us. EVEN WORSE, due to Christian apathy and indifference we have tolerated the murder of these babies in our midst. I’M SORRY, but voting for a pro-life politician every 2 to 4 years, is not enough. FILLING up a battle bottle with loose change, and donating it to a pregnancy center is not enough. MARCHING once a year in Washington D.C. is not enough. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we MUST do MORE.

Step 2. Repent: We must Repent: Repent for shedding the blood of the innocent or acting indifferent to their plight and suffering.  YOU MAY HAVE been a young teen-age girl, and found yourself pregnant, and your parents forced you to have an abortion. You may have COMMITTED ADULTERY on your wife, and got your mistress pregnant and paid for her abortion. WHATEVER your experience is, you need to plead guilty before God and recognize the act of murder that was committed, no matter what your circumstance was. THANKFULLY, we serve a Savior, who died for the sin of abortion and child sacrifice. Jesus died, so that men and women who shed the blood of their innocent child, may receiving cleansing in the blood of Jesus Christ. But you must come to the Lord Jesus Christ on his terms, and his terms alone. PLEAD guilty before him. ACKNOWLEDGE your bloodguiltiness, repent of your sin, and throw yourself upon the mercies of Jesus Christ, and place your faith and trust in him, and him alone for your salvation, AND I BELIEVE you will see that child once again in glory.

Step 3. Resolve: Resolve by the grace of God to start doing something on behalf of the preborn. SAINTS, we need Christians to start standing and ministering at actual surgical abortion clinics. IT HAS BEEN my experience the last 5 years, that what Christians stand at the abortion mills, babies are saved and fathers and mothers are reached with the gospel. WE NEED Christians who will stand and hold signs. We need Christians who will preach the gospel, in the open-air, outside these death camps. We need Christians who will do the work of “side-walk” counseling and plead with the mothers and fathers who are walking into abortion mills. We need Christians to stand their and pray.

Step 4. Remonstrate: Remonstrate is an old word that’s not used much in our day and age. It simply means, “make a forcefully reproachful protest”. We must remonstrate in front of our elected officials, in light of the freedoms we have in this country to do so in our Constitutional Government. WE MUST PRESS our elected officials to outlaw and abolish this evil in our nation. WE MUST PRESS our elected officials to outlaw and abolish this evil in our nation. We must call them to repentance for disobeying scriptures command as the servant of God to be an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Instead of punishing the evildoers in the murder of a preborn child, they punish the innocent. This is a great evil in the eyes of the Lord. Christians are the CONSCIENCE of the nation, especially pastors, and it’s time to “instruct our elected officials in the laws and commandments of the Lord” which was the normal practice at the founding of our nation.

May this evil be abolished in our nation, in the name of King Jesus Christ!

P.S. This past Sunday during my “Sanctity of Life” sermon, which I preached at my church Harvest Bible Fellowship-Pendleton entitled “God’s Word on Abortion”. You can watch the FULL sermon at the following Youtube Link or on Facebook. Here’s a 14 minute “condensed sermon” where I discuss the stats related to the Roe ruling and God’s call to Christians to love their preborn neighbor as themselves.