Abortion In Indiana

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In 2020, 7,756 babies were aborted in Indiana. That’s an average of 22 children per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 45% of those abortions were done via suction curettage and 55% via the RU486 chemical abortion pill. The abortion rate has increased 3% in Indiana from 2019. Here’s a youtube documentary on chemical abortions.

You can access the 2020 Indiana “Terminated Pregnancy Report” here.

Here’s the location of the 7 abortion clinics in the State of Indiana

Planned Parenthood Merrillvile Health Center (Merrillville, IN)

Planned Parenthood Bloomington Health Center (Bloomington, IN)

Planned Parenthood Lafayette Health Center (Lafayette, IN)

Women’s Med Center (Indianapolis, IN)

Planned Parenthood Georgetown Health Center (Indianapolis, IN)

Clinic for Women (Indianapolis, IN)

Whole Women’s Health of South Bend (South Bend, IN)

Indiana Christian, does it break your heart knowing that there are 7 concentration camps around your state? Does it grieve you, knowing, that if one of your children found themselves in an unwanted pregnancy the could murder your grandchild without you ever knowing? What does your Christian walk look like in the midst of an abortion holocaust? How are you being salt & light related to abortion?

Here are training resources to help you start out ministering at abortion clinics.
Sermons on Abortion
Abortion clinic training videos