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Bryan Schrank
Executive Director

Bryan Schrank serves as the Executive Director of Rescue the Preborn. Bryan has been actively ministering at Indianapolis abortion clinics since 2015. He is a leader in the abolitionist movement to abolish abortion in Indiana and attends Calvary Christian Fellowship Church in Cumberland. Bryan is also actively involved with the following abolitionist organizations in Indiana:

Abolish Abortion Indiana: Bryan currently serves on the board of directors with Abolish Abortion Indiana. AAI exists to equip and mobilize Christians to become active in the political battle to immediately abolish abortion in our state.

 The Church at Planned Parenthood Indianapolis: Bryan is the co-founder and co-director of The Church at Planned Parenthood Indianapolis movement. The Church at Planned Parenthood Indianapolis exists to rally the church of Jesus Christ, in the Indianapolis area to stand against the wicked practice of abortion. We come together on a monthly basis to have a worship gathering outside of Planned Parenthood.

 Ministry to the Magistrate: Bryan founded “Ministry to the Magistrate” which exists to equip Godly men and women to proclaim the laws of God and gospel of Jesus Christ to their elected officials.