Ministry at Abortion Mills

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Here’s a collection of reports, including pictures from Christians ministering at the Indianapolis abortion clinics. Over 40 babies have been saved (verbal confirmation) though the efforts of Christians ministering across the State of Indiana at the various abortion clinics.

April 7, 2019 (One Confirmed Saved, 80 Christians showed up to minister)

We gathered together at Planned Parenthood. In total, we had about 80 people ministering at the mill. We had one confirmed “turn-a-way” and it looks as though that 17 year old girl, will be keeping the baby. The gospel was shared with her and her mom.

Here are some pictures from that day. We were ministering at the Planned Parenthood located on 86th & Georgetown Road on the northwest side of Indianapolis

Many Christians holding signs outside of Planned Parenthood
Singing Worship Songs outside of Planned Parenthood
Preaching the Gospel Outside of the Abortion Clinic

April 21, 2017 (Two babies saved, over 25 Christians ministered together)

Highlights from this day:

-Two confirmed saves from ministering today! Both individuals were in the clinic for a short while, and walked out telling us they decided to keep the baby!

Christians pleading with men and women not to murder their child.

 -One divine appointment (potential save) Couple walking by, said they were not planning on entering the clinic, but wanted to know if they were pregnant. I went to CVS and got them a pregnancy test (they didn’t want to go to the life choice clinic, too pushy they said). We prayed with them, got their phone numbers and gave them some materials. 

 -A total of four cop cars stopped by the clinic during the four hours we were there. No issues. 

Someone called the police on us. This happens often at the abortion clinics. Overall, we’ve had no issues with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

June 2, 2017 (Over 60 Christians showed up to minister, clinic closed early)

The Abortion clinic located at 1201 N. Arlington on the east side of Indianapolis closed their doors early due to the large numbers of Christians who showed up! The abortion doctor left by 12:45p,-Only about 10 women showed up to the clinic today to murder their child. The clinic normally averages between 25-30 abortions per week. We were told by others, that the clinic may have cancelled appointments due to the large amount of “protesters” at the clinic. If this is true, this is wonderful news, because it gives those children another week of life and more opportunities for God to intervene and change the mother’s minds. OR, woman may not have showed up for their appointment, due to the large crowd, we don’t know for sure. In the two years I’ve been going to this clinic, I’ve never heard of so few abortions (10) being performed on a Friday. -In total, over 60 Christians individuals from all over the state of Indiana join us at the clinic to intercede, pray and plead. We were singing hymns, preaching, praying, crying with one another, it was beautiful! Not to mention, all the children at the clinic as well, talk about a powerful testimony! Here are some pictures form that day

Christians ministering at the Arlington abortion clinic located at 1201 N. Arlington on the east side of Indianapolis
Christians singing songs of praise outside of abortion clinic located at 1201 N. Arlington on the east side of Indianapolis
This is where woman walk into the Arlington abortion clinic, called “The Women’s Med Center”