Ministry To The Magistrate

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MISSION: To equip Godly men and women to proclaim the laws of God and gospel of Jesus Christ to their elected officials. In light of this important gospel work, Rescue the Preborn has complied hundreds of examples of Christians “ministering to their magistrates” which can be found at the Ministry to the Magistrate website. 

Godly men, who will take the laws of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ unto their local statehouses in the following ways:

1. Seek to meet with their State Representatives and Senators to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and lead them to Christ.

2. Let their elected officials know, they will assist them in governing according to God’s law and righteous requirements.

3. To press their magistrates to support righteous legislation that would end or either restrain evil in their state. A clear example of this is the legislative bill “Protection at Conception” in Indiana which if passed, would abolish abortion in the Hoosier State.

4. When their elected magistrates refuse to govern just and righteously, to call them to repentance and to remind them of their mandate from God which is found in Psalm 2:10-12.

5. To commit to pray for their elected officials.

Here are videos of Gospel preachers preaching in the Indiana Statehouse.

Here are political sermons from ministers at the founding of America.

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