Stand Against Child Sacrifice in Indiana


In light of the Indiana General Assembly passing SB1, which will essentially close down all abortion clinics around the state of Indiana and move abortion to hospital networks in major Indiana cities, Rescue The Preborn’s focus is shifting. 

Since “sidewalk counseling” will now be very difficult at major hospitals, RTP’s main focus is now going to shift to the political side of the abortion fight. 


Stand against child sacrifice in Indiana

Divine Appointments at Abortion Mill

My 14 year old daughter and I spent about 3.5 hours ministering at a local abortion mill in Indianapolis. This abortion mill was not killing on this day, rather, it was open for “consultations.” In Indiana, women have to have one initial “consultation” appointment and wait 18 hours until they can kill their child. So,

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Father took 12 year old daughter to Abortion Clinic

This man took his 12 year old daughter to this kill mill three years ago to kill her baby and his grandchild. He said no Christians were out here pleading with them as they entered. He said if there were Christians out here, they would’ve kept it! His daughter had the abortion in Ohio, and

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