Planned Parenthood DOMINATES in Indiana!

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Planned Parenthood DOMINATES in Indiana! Why?

Planned Parenthood performs about 70% of abortions in Indiana. In 2018, they performed 5,581 abortions out of the 8,034 babies who were murdered. Source below. Nationwide, they performed about 35% of the total abortions in America. Why is Planned Parenthood’s abortion rate in Indiana DOUBLE then what it is nationwide? Well, look at this chart below. Indiana is ranked the 6th most “pro-life” state in the nation, despite Planned Parenthood’s monopoly on the market.

How can Planned Parenthood dominate the market of such a pro-life state? It’s simple, pro-life regulations (laws) are a BIG ADVANTAGE to Planned Parenthood. WHY? Planned Parenthood has the DEEP pockets to comply with any pro-life regulations that comes their way. Whereas, a privately owned abortion mill, doesn’t have the staff, funds and ability to adapt to pro-life laws, so, they close down.

Moral of the story? Every pro-life abortion regulation law that is passed, HELPS, Planned Parenthood get STRONGER and puts their competitors out of business, all the while, the same amount of babies die. What is the moral of this story? Abolish abortion, stop regulating it.

Finally, the abortion rate has INCREASED 10% IN Indiana the past two years, despite being one of the most pro-life states. Another abortion mill opened in 2019, and others are likely planned for the future. Sources below.

2018 Indiana Terminated Pregnancy Report