Pro-life Laws Actually Strengthen Roe

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Since 1973, when Roe v. Wade was decided, over a thousand abortion regulation laws have been passed at the state level, by pro-life Republican legislators. Here are some of the laws that have been passed:

+Heartbeat Bills: If a heartbeat is detected during a ultrasound by the abortionists, then the baby is protected and cannot be aborted.

+Dismemberment Bills: These bills prohibits a person from performing a “dismemberment abortion” unless a physician reasonably believes that performing the procedure is necessary to prevent serious health risks to the pregnant person, or to save their life.

+Parental Involvement: Requiring parental involvement for teenagers’ abortions or requiring that certain information be given to all women seeking abortions.

What do all these “pro-life regulation laws” have in common? They actually undermine the humanity of the preborn, and strengthen the Roe ruling in the process! Let me explain. EVERY pro-life law that has been passed in the last 46 years, at the state level, has said to both the Supreme Court and the society at large that “children in the womb, do not have constitutional rights and protections, since their killing can be regulated.” Never, in the history of the pro-life movement has a law been passed that has affirmed the humanity of the preborn, and has called for their complete protection. Not one!

Now, if another pro-life regulatory law goes before the Supreme Court in the next few years, why would the Supreme Court Justices overturn Roe v. Wade? Thousands of laws have been passed, at the state level in the past 46 years protecting the right of a mother to abort her child AND two separate Supreme Courts have ruled in favor of a women’s right to an abortion in both 1973 and 1992. In light of all of this, pro-life regulatory laws have BACKFIRED and instead of “chipping away at Roe” these laws have actually STRENGTHENED Roe. I hate to break it to you, but Roe will never be overturned, stop putting your faith in the Supreme Court to do what is right on behalf of preborn children, the same Supreme Court which has sentenced over 60 million to death.

This is why the strategy to “regulate abortion” is wrong and must be repented of and replaced with working to abolish abortion! We must pass laws at the State and Federal level calling for the protection of all preborn babies with no exceptions. When the courts rule against our abolition laws, and they will, we must DEFY unjust court rulings and assert state sovereignty/nullification. This is the ONLY way to end abortion in our nation. We must pursue this strategy before God’s judgment destroys our nation!

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