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Here’s a compilation of Facebook live videos that were recorded outside of abortion clinics, while they were open.

PREACHING VIDEO: Here’s a video of me preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and pleading with women at Planned Parenthood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as they sit in the lobby area and await their abortion. There’s “urgency” in my preaching and pleading, because that child may only have a few minutes left to live.

CONVERSATION WITH ABORTION MINDED PARENTS: Here’s a conversation I had at the Arlington abortion mill in Indianapolis with a married couple. Before this conversation with the wife, I was able to share the gospel, pray with and give a gift bag to the husband. Seeds were planted. In this video conversation, this woman said her health was in danger being pregnant, because it would be her third c-section. She has high blood pressure and her last baby, because of her bad health, was premature and spent 20 days in the NICU. At the end of the conversation, after my pleading and reasoning she admitted this was murder. You may want to watch this video with subtitles or captions on.

BABY SAVED AT ABORTION CLINIC: Here’s a video of baby being saved at the Arlington abortion clinic! As these two ladies entered the Arlington abortion mill, they were parked for several minutes outside the clinic, talking with the security guard. As this happened, I began preaching and pleading to them. About three minutes after they walked into the abortion clinic, they walked out and told me they were keeping the baby!

CONVERSATION WITH ABORTION MINDED DAD: In this video I have a lengthy conversation with this 24 year old Catholic man at an abortion clinic. I don’t know their names. He claims his wife has had 6 miscarriages and they are aborting because they don’t want to have another miscarriage. He said due to being Catholic they don’t practice birth control. He got a heavy dose of the gospel. I pleaded with him with God’s word.

Reaching out to women as they enter an abortion clinic for their consultation appointment.

What to say to women as they enter an abortion clinic?

Here’s a “compilation video” of me ministering at the Arlington abortion mill on a “consultation day.” My approach in reaching women is different on a consultation day vs. a kill day. Each of the women in this video entering the abortion mill, is there for their first consultation appointment. According to Indiana law, she has to wait at least 18 hours until she can abort her child, after her first consultation appointment.

My goal is to have a conversation with the woman, before she goes it. I’ve found it more effective to reach woman on consultation days, when I have a “gift bag” that I offer them. Obviously, if they stop and talk, I plead with them to leave. You tend to see more “verbal saves” on consultation days vs. kill days. This is what is in the gift bags.

1. Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart booklet

2. Life in the Womb Gospel Tract from Living Waters.

3. 12 Week Fetus Model

4. Onesie outfit and baby socks.

5. Information about a nearby (Gospel-Centered) Crisis Pregnancy Center